Saturday, 26 May 2007

Doesnt she look adorable?? Well I can tell you that Betty Boubalay Swaggles Wainwright is a very very naughty girl!!

Yesterday must have been just one of those days - you know the kind you have when you get up and want to go back and get out of bed all over again. Well my day started off quite promising, I had a very nice sale on my website (thankyou Nina) and an order for a bridal necklace from Brides and Maids of Gomersal - thankyou to you too! Then it all went downhill from there. Firstly i decided yesterday was as good a day as any to wash my bedding - you know the kind of day when the wind is blowing steady but its lovely and warm too, I popped my cream bedding into the washer on a whites programme and went off into the garden. OMG Betty Boubalay Swaggles was eating my newly planted clemetis, I could have cried to be honest - i do love my plants - I chased her and chased her the little minx would not be caught. I then noticed that she had blooming eaten the other two newly planted clemetis. She looked at me as if butter wouldnt melt in her saggy little mouth! I was defeated by a boxer puppy - after clearing the bitten/chewed leafs I went back inside the house to see my lovely cream bedding turning a nice shade of pink! I couldnt believe it - as if my day couldnt get any worse I thought. I was wrong.

The postman (who I think highly of being an avid bead collector). I love him coming to the house cos this means pressies - you will understand this if you also love beads! decided to leave my post on the kitchen floor just inside the doorway and not to shout me! WHAT A MISTAKE! Marvin my 8 month old boxer dog decided it would be a right laugh to take my post into the garden and munch his way through the lot! My new 24 boxed set dvd is destroyed, a necklace that needs restringing is nearly destroyed and my letters are destroyed. It took my half hour to pick up the pieces of bubble wrap from the grass and Marvin did look very sorry for himself once I had given him a right telling off. Betty looked as though she couldnt give two hoots!

Hope today is better!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Do you know something?? I didnt always want to be a jewellery designer in fact like most impressionable little girls I wanted to be a ballet dancer or a nurse! I can remember dancing about as little girls do with my bestest friend in the world Michelle ( she wanted to ride horses) dreaming of what we wanted to be when we grew up!
The fact is i have two left feet, am a modest size 14 and cannot stand the sight of blood or any wound etc.

So here I am, a 38 year old mother of two teenage boys (ahh the joy!!) partner of Dominic ( my mucky trucker!!) cleaner fantastico, mentalist (explained later) and general dogsbody for my two kids and my boxer dogs Marvin and Betty Wainwright, pondering over what I want to do with the rest of my life. Yes I have held down jobs in offices and call centers ( BORING) but I wanted to do something for myself goddammit with no boss to tell me what to do, I do feel that I should tell you that I HATE being told what to do ( just so that you understand)!

Anyway, my mum (another yet slightly madder mentalist) bought me a lovely little jewellery kit for my birthday the other year and that just did it, because I could dive into my own little world and lose myself in my beads I became Bev the "jewellery designer".

I hope to fill you in on snippets of my sometimes hectic and hillarious life stories and also show you some of my latest designs using handmade lampwork beads from the most fabulous artists in the UK.So please do call back and join me in my musings.