Thursday, 19 July 2007

The Leaky Ceiling & New Jewellery.

Well what a god dam awful start to the day have I had!
The weather is brilliant for a change, the sun is out and the sky is a lovely blue but i came downstairs this morning to a living room ceiling that was wet through - blooming heck that sounded like a poem!

Seems we have a leak in the bathroom.

As we live in a virtually new house, there are builders still on site so lucky for me I managed to get hold of Mr Plumberman and he came around to solve the problem, after he managed to escape the wagging tails and excited Mr Marverari & Betty Boubalay he fixed my leak! LOL
I just thank my lucky stars that we don't live in an older house as it may have been a bit of a nightmare! Anyway that's my bit of excitement for the day - I mean how much can this old bird take in one day!!LOL!!

I have been making jewellery though and managed to get some decent results from the camera today so here is a little taster as to what is going on the website.

Misty Retro Rose above and Aqua Source

I am making more tonight hopefully so expect some new designs from me over the next couple of days - I am feeling creative!

Speak soon xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Mr Marvin Marverari Wainwright

Here is a new picture of my most beloved babe Mr Marvin marverari Wainwright!
Don't you find it strange and silly that we call our pets the most stupid names?? I mean we have a female cat called Stanley, a boxer bitch called Betty Boubalay Swaggles and then there is Mr Marvin! As pet owners we find no shame in calling them the most ridiculous of names. I think it was Emma Ralph who once had me in stitches when she told me of her cat's names and how the names were changed and added to - and I don't think she would mind me telling you that she even has names for inanimate objects such as her PC!
I will be back showing some jewellery tomorrow I think - once I get to grips with my photos!
catch ya later!
love bev xxxx

Friday, 13 July 2007

Ive Been Tagged!!

Thanks Kara!!
Seems that while I have been busy at the Great Yorkshire Show - a certain little monkey called Kara Spencer has blooming well tagged me! What this means you may ask is that I have to give you the reader 8 different facts about myself and then tag 8 other unsuspecting bloggers!
Well here goes think what you will but this is 8 things you probably dont know about me!!
  1. I am the worlds biggest chocoholic! I really really really LOVE Cadbury's Fruit and Nut!! Yum Yum!
  2. I also am a massive collector of bags - it also dont really matter what shape, colour or make it is to be honest - but obviously if you know anything about me then you will know the stranger the bag the better!
  3. I became a widow at the grand old age of 28! I do like to refer to myself as the merry widow actually and dont worry if you mention death as I am quite resigned to the fact of what will be will be.
  4. I absolutely love 24 and fancy the pants off Jack Bauer - he is sooo georgous and such a magnificent, indestructable super hero (a little sarcasm there)! I also believe that I will be the next Mrs Tom Cruise and have loved him from afar since I was about 15 - LOL!
  5. I creid when I visited the Notre Dam Cathederal in Paris - the architecture, the atmosphere just blew me away - I have to date been to visit the cathederal 4 times.
  6. My sons are the best thing since sliced bread - even though I do nag at them quite often, I dont believe that a day hasnt gone by when I have not told them that I love them so very very much.
  7. I am a cleaning fanatic! My mum brought me up to make sure everything was always spotless and I really have gotten stuck with this idea - I cannot stand anything in my house to be dirty and have been known to be up cleaning or decorating at 4 in the morning!
  8. I am a qualified nail technician, have ceritficates in manicures and pedicures and nail art - I have also got a B'tec national diploma in social care.

Well thats about it I think and blooming eck I sound like a right old nutter dont I?? I could have gone on for ages to be honest and listed at least 10 more silly facts - I will maybe save these for another time.

Catch ya later

love bev xxxxx

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Photographer I am definately NOT!

What is it about taking photos that really peeves me?? Is it the fact that I cannot sort out my photoshop properly? Is it the fact that i cant take a blooming photo to save my life? Is it my Sony Cybershot camera? Or could it be that I am infact BLONDE!!!

I am really trying to sort out my photos for my website, as I really want them to show my lovely jewellery off and as it is at the moment, the perfect handmade beads, swarovski crystal and fantastic karen hill tribe silver just cannot be show at its best! If anyone out there has some tips to share then please feel free to shove them my way!

The photo at the top has been untouched just to show you exactly what I mean. The fab bead is from Emma Ralph and really is quite out of the ordinary but this just doesnt show in my pic.

Right off to get ready to go out now - me and my Dom are off out for something to eat tonight - just the two of us which is a rare event I can tell you!

Catch Ya Later


Sunday, 1 July 2007

What a Brill Sunday!

Today started just like any other Sunday - very early wake up from Betty Boubalay Swaggles wanting pee pee, cuppa tea, washing, dog walking and cleaning! By 2pm i am absolutely shattered.

I decided to make some bits and pieces of jewellery for The Great Yorkshire Show which is to be held on 10th July till 12th July at the Showground in Harrogate. I made this little stunner and am very pleased with how it turned out.

I have called it The Twisty as it features some brill sterling silver tubes which are twisted - fab idea i thought!!

Anyway, I was browsing my email this afternoon after my jewellery making spout, when to my surprise I have a couple of emails firstly from the very talented and equally nice lady - Jennifer Dangerfield to tell me that I have WON second prize in her "pants to ovarian cancer" postcard competition!

The idea behind this is a really sad one as Jennifers own mum was sadly taken by this terrible disease so to help in the treatment and finding a cure for this terrible illness Jennifer decided to donate £1 for each and every postcard sent to her. I believe she had 110 sent to her so this is ace that she was able to donate the money for a bloody brilliant cause! Anyway there were three prizes up for grabs - a handmade charm bracelet, a choice of pendant necklace and a choice of earrings. i have chosen a red dotty pendant necklace and will post a pic of this on here for you all to see once it arrives - Im thrilled to bits as you can imagine!

The next email was from The Indie Quarter - an online blog that specialises in writing articles about designers etc and they have chosen to feature me in one of their articles!! WOW WEE am I a lucky girl today or what?? Here is the article!

I have had such a different and fantastic Sunday because of these two things - I just wish I could have played the lottery today cos you never know do you - good things come in threes they say!

Have a brill rest of the day

Love Bev xxxx