Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Foil Glass and a Blooming Bad Cold!

I have been making some foil glass bead necklaces for a couple of months after a few ladies at a party asked me if I made any "cheaper" necklaces!! Cheaper I thought - NEVER!! But after having a blooming good think about it, I decided that I could rise to the challenge and craft some value for money necklaces without compromising the look of them. I have not looked back since!! These necklaces absolutley fly out of the window at shows and parties alike. I charge £20 for each necklace which I dont think is bad considering you are getting a handcrafted piece of jewellery.

I have decided today that I would just have to list them on my website also so that I can give my clients the chance of buying one of these little stunners, I mean, they make lovely christmas pressies don't they?? So why the hell not!!

After being exausted with the brilliant Crafts for Christmas in Harrogate last week I have caught a right blooming cold and a half, coupled with a bit of a chest infection, if you didnt know me better you would swear I was on 40 Capstan Full Strength a day! Anyway I have decided to get to the quacks tomorrow for some chest saving antibiotics or any such linctus he wishes to give me.
I have a party tomorrow night, then on Friday I have a gift evening at my local Catholic Church social club ( they are fundraising to send some ill folks to lourdes) and on Saturday and Sunday I am at Wentworth Castle Gardens in Barnsley for their christmas gift fair!
So Speak next week if I have the energy!!

Love Bev xxxxx