Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The festival of witches and gobbildygook!

Well it is here again - the nightmare evening for some - loads and loads of fun for others - "All Hallows Eve" otherwise known as Halloween a brilliant celebration of pagans and witches when Celts believed that on the night before the new year ie, 1st November , the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred.
On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain (later called all hallows eve) , when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth! Druids as well as Christians have celebrated this festival for hundreds of years so I was stunned today to hear my local radio station have a phone in about wether to stop halloween or not as it is a American thing!! "It is blooming well not" I said allowed to the radio - I would have phoned in myself but was fuming with the dumb people of my beloved Yorkshire for thinking it is not something we as Englsih people need or want! I bloody well love halloween and my kids love it too even though they are 14 and 17!!
Maybe its when some people get silly with trick or treating that it puts people off! I dont know but hey if the kids love it and they are supervised then I dont see a problem do you??
Now i've had my rant I can now tell you I have not got any new pics to post sadly as I am waiting for my new docking station coming for my camera! I have been really busy making jewellery as it is the massive Crafts for Christmas at Harrogate next weekend and I am dead nervous that I wont have enough stuff for sale! I am sure that I will manage - I always do some how, but I still worry.
I have been to the docs this afternoon for my dreaded smear test - god dont you just hate those things its so undignified being prodded and poked - still better safe than sorry i suppose. I had my blood pressure done also and it was sky high ( not surprising really considering why I was there)!! So have to go back in a fortnight for it doing again.
OOh also before I forget I baked my very first traditional fruit cake today - my house smells georgous I can tell you. I am going to leave it a couple of days and keep feeding it Brandy then Im going to ice it!! If I do make a good job then I am going to bake my own wedding cake! Pics to follow - obviously if its a complete and utter feck up then I wont bother you with the photos LOL!!!
Photo below is my beautiful and absolutely mad as a hatter neice and god daughter Isabel! I am going to see her at my mums tonight for our halloween tea and am really looking forward to it!
speak later love Bev xx

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Calm Before The Storm?

I have felt really calm and peaceful today, I cleaned everything in my house to within an inch of its life yesterday including my living room carpet and today I have had nothing much to do!

Now every other mentalist cleaning extraordinare will know that you ALWAYS have cleaning to do and believe me I did look everywhere but lo and behold I decided to concentrate on my jewellery instead! Yep Siree I have had a slouching day!!

I am a little worried though cos normally there is a calm before a storm isnt there?? I am in York this weekend at the October Show with Made in Yorkshire on St Samsons Square so maybe that will be the storm, who knows!!!

Here is a sample of my new stuff made today - the beads are from Caroline Hannons studio and are fantastique dont you think??

Im gonna call this set "A Bed Of Roses".

Friday, 12 October 2007


Hey, don't ya just love these beads? They remind me of vintage marbles like "Clambroth" a set of marbles with swirls on them! I have added loads of hill tribe silver on this one and am really quite pleased with the outcome!

My mum was the "Chickenly champion marble player" when she was a kid and I used to love listening to her telling me the tales of when all the other kids used to come around and try win her tin of marbles from her!!

I have also made a bracelet and earrings with these beads from Beaujangles and Baubles, and this is quite unusual for me I must say as I don't really do sets if you know what I mean!

I am decorating this weekend and on Sunday off to a wedding fair near where I live - hoping that this will give me some inspiration!

Speak soon and have a good un!

Love Bev xxxx

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

What am I like!!

Well Well Well what am I like!! I apologise profusely for not updating my blogginton for ages and ages and I have loads of crappy little excuses but the truth of the matter is that I don't seem to have the time to shit shave or shampoo lately if you pardon the very graphic pun!

I have been doing some very successful shows and quite a few parties which has meant that I have absolutely no stock what so ever so have been beavering away to get some stock made in time for what we jewellery makers describe as not so much the busy season of Christmas but more the " I cant believe I am walking around in a coma like trance whilst trying to keep up with the mentalist Christmas shoppers" kind of season. Anyways I have now just about caught up with about a week to go before York's October show where I will be exhibiting my wears with Made In Yorkshire on St Samson's Square, so if you are in the area then please do come along and say Hi!! The necklace above is made from some fab retro beads handmade by Mindy of Moogin beads - I am so in love with her beads at the moment I am in fact about to own most of her stock ha ha!

On a more personal note, myself and Dom have decided to get hitched here in sunny England and have set the date of 31st January 2009! I know it does seem a long way off but honestly its just over a year away and you know how time flies don't you? We have booked our wedding at the fabulous Woodlands Hotel which isn't too far from where we live. I have fallen in love with the place so there you go we have it booked - SUITED!!!
I want to also mention my very good matey from school - Deborah Parky whose daughter Kylie is in labour as we speak and want to wish them all my love and hope all goes OK - god I feel really old as I can remember Kylie being born 20 years ago!! I will of course let you lot know how she goes on - although I already know she is having a little girl!

I also want to let you know that Marvin and Betty are fine and dandy if not a little crackers (in the nicest possible sense of course) here is a pic taken yesterday as they had pinched my Christmas wrapping stuff and had it wound all around them - mind you its not as bad as eating Dom's cheque book while I was doing his accounts earlier! He will go mad BTW!

Right I must get off and update my website with new jewellery so please feel free to mosey on over for a gander - speak real soon!

Love Bev xx