Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Invitation

Well its only 10 months now until the big day of mine and Doms and I thought I would let you have a peek at my first try at our wedding invitations. I decided to make my own as its so expensive to buy them! I have been quoted loads and loads and thought oh to hell with it I will make my own!

I have bought the card blanks from a wholesalers near where I live and it cost me £7 for 100!!!! I know I nearly keeled over when I saw they were this cheap - I previously had seen them on ebay for £10 for 50 so I have made a right little saving even if I say so myself!

I bought the silver hearts from crystal rose designs and wire wrapped the Swarovski crystal onto the heart and stuck it down onto the card. I am not sure about the wire to the side of the card so any suggestions would be much appreciated! All together the card has cost me about £1 to make and I only have another 60 hearts to wrap LOL!!! and of course the inserts to do which my sister Victoria has kindly offered to help me with!

Anyway here it is - drum roll please.............

What do you think??

I have also booked to go try wedding dresses on which I am soooo excited about - I can hardly tell you! I have seen a dress I love but its handmade and costs £1650.00!!! so will have to wait and see about that one! Anyone who knows me will know that I am a very comfortable size14 and am trying to lose some weight at the moment so I have been egged on by my friends to go have a colonic to help me rid some weight and obviously help me feel better and less sluggish so I have made my appointment for Wednesday 2nd April and promise to fill you in with the details ( well maybe not all the details ha ha )!!

In between all this excitement and working I have also been busy making jewellery - both for wholesale and for my website and shows one of which is coming up this Easter in York!

Here is one of my latest I have named it "Rainbow"

This unique piece features beads from the wonderful Caroline Hannon, Sterling Silver tubes and Karen Hill Tribe beads. The lamp work beads are beautiful and vibrant - I love it!!!

Right better get on with all the preparations for my show - or should I go sit on the sofa and have a cuddle with my Dom?? Ha ha I know which sounds more inviting don't you??

TTFN xxxxx

Monday, 3 March 2008

Some Mothers!!

Fantasty Retro

Hope you all had a fantastic Mothers day yesterday! I dont know why I expect a day of rest and pampering when I never ever get that - must be wishful thinking.

I visited my mum who other than being a total mentalist has a massive case of OCD and was cleaning as usual ( I wonder where I get it from)!!! I made her a lovely necklace and earrings set and bought her a bunch of flowers from my local Tesco ~ BTW can someone please explain to me why the cost of flowers rises about 50% on Mothers day? ~ Do they grow the flowers in magic fairy dust? Are the flowers brought to earth from another faraway galaxy? Or are our shop owners just down right greedy bastards? ~ Me thinks its the last answer for some unknown bizarre reason!

My lovely sons bought me the new Adel CD and a fluffy teddy with a mum heart on it ( sooo cute) We had a lovely dinner which I made although Jamie loaded the dishwasher and then I settled down to some good olde fashioned Ironing!! Fandabbydozy I thought - I wouldnt change a thing and I am sooooo lucky to be a mum!!