Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Low Stock and Successful day at Kilnsey

Hey, how ya been??

Ive not got alot to tell apart from been making jewellery and exhibiting it at Kilsney Show today.

Its been a really good show, lots of visitors and best of all the spenders where out in full force! I am glad about that as this year has not been fantastic especially with the flooding and now the foot and mouth, alot of the shows have been cancelled, and some shows such as The Royal Lancashire Show wont even give the exhibitors their fees for the trade stands back!! I am disgusted to be honest and am persuing this matter as we speak!!

Anyway I will get off the soap box for once in my life LOL!!

I am going to be really busy making more jewellery as the stock is so low and my website's shelves are empty so to speak so may not update this blog this week now, although you never know I may have a small tale to tell!!

catch ya later xx

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Been Poorly

I'm so very sorry for lack of updates recently, apart from being in wedding arrangement mode I have been really poorly this week with a sore throat, neck, head oh and every other random part of my body that you can think of it has honestly knocked me for a right sixer and I have felt absolutely awful.

I am today finally starting to feel a little better although I took the dogs out this afternoon and you would have thought I had run the London Marathon! I was exhausted!!

I will definitely be updating my website this week with photos as I am making some new goodies this week. I am also at Kilnsey show on Tuesday which is near Skipton so am busy busy busy!!

I do hope to update you with some new pics as soon as possible so for now its TTFN


Sunday, 5 August 2007

He Popped the Question!

I have had a fantastic weekend! Myself and my partner of 10 years Dom went to visit his mum and dad as it was his dads 60th birthday on Friday. They live in a lovely little fishing village called Seahouses in Northumberland and it really is beautiful, very quaint but a lovely place for a weekend getaway.

We arrived at around lunchtime and after having a cuppa with his parents Glynn and John, me and Dom decided to have a walk down to the harbour and the sea. This is a very normal thing for us to do when we are up there as I love to look into the distance at Bamburgh Castle (which is about 3 miles on the coast but looks fantastic against the skyline, anyway when we got to the harbour and the wall we usually look out to sea from my Dom proposed to me with a beautiful white gold diamond ring!! I was absolutely stunned and if you do know me you will know this is not an usual thing for me to be. Of course I have always wanted to get married to Dom but after 10 years of living together we have just settled into a common law partnership!!
It was dead romantic and I will always remember this day for as long as I live as my Dom is not a romantic person in any which way at all.
We have decided to get married in about 18 months and we will be doing it abroad, hopefully all our family can come too and enjoy our brilliant day!

Busy with a couple of shows and parties over the next couple of days so will post some photos of my ring and stuff later this week
catch ya later