Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Foil Glass and a Blooming Bad Cold!

I have been making some foil glass bead necklaces for a couple of months after a few ladies at a party asked me if I made any "cheaper" necklaces!! Cheaper I thought - NEVER!! But after having a blooming good think about it, I decided that I could rise to the challenge and craft some value for money necklaces without compromising the look of them. I have not looked back since!! These necklaces absolutley fly out of the window at shows and parties alike. I charge £20 for each necklace which I dont think is bad considering you are getting a handcrafted piece of jewellery.

I have decided today that I would just have to list them on my website also so that I can give my clients the chance of buying one of these little stunners, I mean, they make lovely christmas pressies don't they?? So why the hell not!!

After being exausted with the brilliant Crafts for Christmas in Harrogate last week I have caught a right blooming cold and a half, coupled with a bit of a chest infection, if you didnt know me better you would swear I was on 40 Capstan Full Strength a day! Anyway I have decided to get to the quacks tomorrow for some chest saving antibiotics or any such linctus he wishes to give me.
I have a party tomorrow night, then on Friday I have a gift evening at my local Catholic Church social club ( they are fundraising to send some ill folks to lourdes) and on Saturday and Sunday I am at Wentworth Castle Gardens in Barnsley for their christmas gift fair!
So Speak next week if I have the energy!!

Love Bev xxxxx

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The festival of witches and gobbildygook!

Well it is here again - the nightmare evening for some - loads and loads of fun for others - "All Hallows Eve" otherwise known as Halloween a brilliant celebration of pagans and witches when Celts believed that on the night before the new year ie, 1st November , the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred.
On the night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain (later called all hallows eve) , when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth! Druids as well as Christians have celebrated this festival for hundreds of years so I was stunned today to hear my local radio station have a phone in about wether to stop halloween or not as it is a American thing!! "It is blooming well not" I said allowed to the radio - I would have phoned in myself but was fuming with the dumb people of my beloved Yorkshire for thinking it is not something we as Englsih people need or want! I bloody well love halloween and my kids love it too even though they are 14 and 17!!
Maybe its when some people get silly with trick or treating that it puts people off! I dont know but hey if the kids love it and they are supervised then I dont see a problem do you??
Now i've had my rant I can now tell you I have not got any new pics to post sadly as I am waiting for my new docking station coming for my camera! I have been really busy making jewellery as it is the massive Crafts for Christmas at Harrogate next weekend and I am dead nervous that I wont have enough stuff for sale! I am sure that I will manage - I always do some how, but I still worry.
I have been to the docs this afternoon for my dreaded smear test - god dont you just hate those things its so undignified being prodded and poked - still better safe than sorry i suppose. I had my blood pressure done also and it was sky high ( not surprising really considering why I was there)!! So have to go back in a fortnight for it doing again.
OOh also before I forget I baked my very first traditional fruit cake today - my house smells georgous I can tell you. I am going to leave it a couple of days and keep feeding it Brandy then Im going to ice it!! If I do make a good job then I am going to bake my own wedding cake! Pics to follow - obviously if its a complete and utter feck up then I wont bother you with the photos LOL!!!
Photo below is my beautiful and absolutely mad as a hatter neice and god daughter Isabel! I am going to see her at my mums tonight for our halloween tea and am really looking forward to it!
speak later love Bev xx

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Calm Before The Storm?

I have felt really calm and peaceful today, I cleaned everything in my house to within an inch of its life yesterday including my living room carpet and today I have had nothing much to do!

Now every other mentalist cleaning extraordinare will know that you ALWAYS have cleaning to do and believe me I did look everywhere but lo and behold I decided to concentrate on my jewellery instead! Yep Siree I have had a slouching day!!

I am a little worried though cos normally there is a calm before a storm isnt there?? I am in York this weekend at the October Show with Made in Yorkshire on St Samsons Square so maybe that will be the storm, who knows!!!

Here is a sample of my new stuff made today - the beads are from Caroline Hannons studio and are fantastique dont you think??

Im gonna call this set "A Bed Of Roses".

Friday, 12 October 2007


Hey, don't ya just love these beads? They remind me of vintage marbles like "Clambroth" a set of marbles with swirls on them! I have added loads of hill tribe silver on this one and am really quite pleased with the outcome!

My mum was the "Chickenly champion marble player" when she was a kid and I used to love listening to her telling me the tales of when all the other kids used to come around and try win her tin of marbles from her!!

I have also made a bracelet and earrings with these beads from Beaujangles and Baubles, and this is quite unusual for me I must say as I don't really do sets if you know what I mean!

I am decorating this weekend and on Sunday off to a wedding fair near where I live - hoping that this will give me some inspiration!

Speak soon and have a good un!

Love Bev xxxx

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

What am I like!!

Well Well Well what am I like!! I apologise profusely for not updating my blogginton for ages and ages and I have loads of crappy little excuses but the truth of the matter is that I don't seem to have the time to shit shave or shampoo lately if you pardon the very graphic pun!

I have been doing some very successful shows and quite a few parties which has meant that I have absolutely no stock what so ever so have been beavering away to get some stock made in time for what we jewellery makers describe as not so much the busy season of Christmas but more the " I cant believe I am walking around in a coma like trance whilst trying to keep up with the mentalist Christmas shoppers" kind of season. Anyways I have now just about caught up with about a week to go before York's October show where I will be exhibiting my wears with Made In Yorkshire on St Samson's Square, so if you are in the area then please do come along and say Hi!! The necklace above is made from some fab retro beads handmade by Mindy of Moogin beads - I am so in love with her beads at the moment I am in fact about to own most of her stock ha ha!

On a more personal note, myself and Dom have decided to get hitched here in sunny England and have set the date of 31st January 2009! I know it does seem a long way off but honestly its just over a year away and you know how time flies don't you? We have booked our wedding at the fabulous Woodlands Hotel which isn't too far from where we live. I have fallen in love with the place so there you go we have it booked - SUITED!!!
I want to also mention my very good matey from school - Deborah Parky whose daughter Kylie is in labour as we speak and want to wish them all my love and hope all goes OK - god I feel really old as I can remember Kylie being born 20 years ago!! I will of course let you lot know how she goes on - although I already know she is having a little girl!

I also want to let you know that Marvin and Betty are fine and dandy if not a little crackers (in the nicest possible sense of course) here is a pic taken yesterday as they had pinched my Christmas wrapping stuff and had it wound all around them - mind you its not as bad as eating Dom's cheque book while I was doing his accounts earlier! He will go mad BTW!

Right I must get off and update my website with new jewellery so please feel free to mosey on over for a gander - speak real soon!

Love Bev xx

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Flower Show and Retro Necklace

Had a brilliant weekend at the Harrogate Flower Show!! I sold loads of jewellery especially my cheaper range of foil glass - oh my do the women love those or what! Anyway, I have loads of new stuff to make and loads of planning to do now for the latter half of the season and as most of you will know its our busiest time of year! I swear I wont have time to S**t shave or shampoo!

Thanks to my friends too who have been emailing me asking about my little Betty and how she is doing with her season! Actually, it has not been so bad and definitely not as bad as my vet told me it was going to be. Marvin is a real big softy so if he has got a bit amorous with her I only have to say and he doesn't take it any further if you know what I mean!

Ben has just started his college course in Bradford and he is thrilled to bits with it - he is studying Music Tech. He is sooo interested in music and I am so proud that he has learnt himself how to play the guitar and even though I say it myself - he is really really good! Jamie is now back at school and yes I must say I am thrilled with that - so I may get some jobs done now!
Right I am off to scuttle off to make some jewellery it is not worth going anywhere today as in Yorkshire it is absolutely peeing it down!

Speak soon
Love Bev xxxx

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Its the Season!

This is my Betty Boubalay when we first got her in March. She was 8 weeks old then and as you my fellow bloggers will know - she is a right little minx! The reason I have posted this pic is because this morning my betty's first season started! I am mortified to say the least - yeh yeh I know she is only a dog but errrr dur - SHE is MY baby girl! I will have three weeks of hell in front of me now as Marvin tries any which way to get to the poor little princess.

The dogs were supposed to be going to doggies day care next Friday while I am Harrogate Flower show but unfortunately I don't think they will take her while she is "poorly". I am going to ring them on Monday just to see but in the mean time life goes on I suppose, its just that I am gonna be absolutely knackered trying to keep Marverari away from her - he has been sniffing around her today although I don't know if he knows what is going on!

I have made some new jewellery as well and uploaded it onto my website and here is a sneak preview of what is to come, it has been made with Caroline Hannons fab beads, swarovski crystal and amethyst rounds as well as the usual mix of Sterling!

Have a good weekend!

Love bev x

Monday, 3 September 2007

Four O Clock Start!

Talk about shattered! I have been up since 4'o'clock this morning thanks to my Betty the little minx! I just have not sat down until now of course but by god I've got loads done, I will probably collapse in a blooming heap this afternoon!

I have made a lovely necklace though and am really quite pleased with it even if I do say so myself!

I have used a fab handmade lamp work bead from the very talented Dora Schubert and added Sterling Silver , Swarovski Crystal and handmade glass rondelles. I am going to call it " The Swinging Trapeze" What do you think??

I am gonna pop it on my website this afternoon but I really am pleased with the way it has turned out!

Right better get off before I drop off to sleep

Have a good un!

Love Bev x

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Nightmare six weeks, new jewellery and September events!

I have finally managed to make some new jewellery for my website! Phew it seems to have taken me forever but then I blame the six weeks holiday don't you?? It just throws me completely out of sinc and I just turn into this walking disaster thing.

I just cannot for the life in me get anything done lately and seem to be walking around in a bloody day dream! I thought that I would grow out of this behaviour but WTF I am still bimbling along like some blonde dimwit from the planet DUMB!! First there is the cleaning and the dogs then there is Doms accounts and day to day running of his business ( why doesnt he just shove a brush up my arse and let me sweep up at the same time for gods sake)! Then there is my two teenage boys - and dont let me get started on them will you cos I could go on for days and days and any other mum of teenage boys will get my drift if you know what I mean!

Apart from all the daily chores etc etc I have actually managed to get some jewellery made which for me is a blooming miracle lately. I have uploaded some new stuff on my site and hopefully can make some more over the next couple of days.

I have quite a busy September - its my Jamie's 14th Birthday on the 10th and My Doms 33rd Birthday on 23rd not to mention my friends Vicky (15th) and Sharon (21st) so I have alot of pressies to make and buy dont I??

I also will be exhibiting my jewellery and hopefully selling loads at Harrogate Flower Show 14th-16th and Nidderdale Show on the 24th, if anyone can make it to these events please do come and say hello, you wont be able to get a word in but hey who cares!!

Right better get back to the grindstone as my mum says "there is no rest for the wicked"!!

TTFN Bev xxxxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Low Stock and Successful day at Kilnsey

Hey, how ya been??

Ive not got alot to tell apart from been making jewellery and exhibiting it at Kilsney Show today.

Its been a really good show, lots of visitors and best of all the spenders where out in full force! I am glad about that as this year has not been fantastic especially with the flooding and now the foot and mouth, alot of the shows have been cancelled, and some shows such as The Royal Lancashire Show wont even give the exhibitors their fees for the trade stands back!! I am disgusted to be honest and am persuing this matter as we speak!!

Anyway I will get off the soap box for once in my life LOL!!

I am going to be really busy making more jewellery as the stock is so low and my website's shelves are empty so to speak so may not update this blog this week now, although you never know I may have a small tale to tell!!

catch ya later xx

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Been Poorly

I'm so very sorry for lack of updates recently, apart from being in wedding arrangement mode I have been really poorly this week with a sore throat, neck, head oh and every other random part of my body that you can think of it has honestly knocked me for a right sixer and I have felt absolutely awful.

I am today finally starting to feel a little better although I took the dogs out this afternoon and you would have thought I had run the London Marathon! I was exhausted!!

I will definitely be updating my website this week with photos as I am making some new goodies this week. I am also at Kilnsey show on Tuesday which is near Skipton so am busy busy busy!!

I do hope to update you with some new pics as soon as possible so for now its TTFN


Sunday, 5 August 2007

He Popped the Question!

I have had a fantastic weekend! Myself and my partner of 10 years Dom went to visit his mum and dad as it was his dads 60th birthday on Friday. They live in a lovely little fishing village called Seahouses in Northumberland and it really is beautiful, very quaint but a lovely place for a weekend getaway.

We arrived at around lunchtime and after having a cuppa with his parents Glynn and John, me and Dom decided to have a walk down to the harbour and the sea. This is a very normal thing for us to do when we are up there as I love to look into the distance at Bamburgh Castle (which is about 3 miles on the coast but looks fantastic against the skyline, anyway when we got to the harbour and the wall we usually look out to sea from my Dom proposed to me with a beautiful white gold diamond ring!! I was absolutely stunned and if you do know me you will know this is not an usual thing for me to be. Of course I have always wanted to get married to Dom but after 10 years of living together we have just settled into a common law partnership!!
It was dead romantic and I will always remember this day for as long as I live as my Dom is not a romantic person in any which way at all.
We have decided to get married in about 18 months and we will be doing it abroad, hopefully all our family can come too and enjoy our brilliant day!

Busy with a couple of shows and parties over the next couple of days so will post some photos of my ring and stuff later this week
catch ya later

Thursday, 19 July 2007

The Leaky Ceiling & New Jewellery.

Well what a god dam awful start to the day have I had!
The weather is brilliant for a change, the sun is out and the sky is a lovely blue but i came downstairs this morning to a living room ceiling that was wet through - blooming heck that sounded like a poem!

Seems we have a leak in the bathroom.

As we live in a virtually new house, there are builders still on site so lucky for me I managed to get hold of Mr Plumberman and he came around to solve the problem, after he managed to escape the wagging tails and excited Mr Marverari & Betty Boubalay he fixed my leak! LOL
I just thank my lucky stars that we don't live in an older house as it may have been a bit of a nightmare! Anyway that's my bit of excitement for the day - I mean how much can this old bird take in one day!!LOL!!

I have been making jewellery though and managed to get some decent results from the camera today so here is a little taster as to what is going on the website.

Misty Retro Rose above and Aqua Source

I am making more tonight hopefully so expect some new designs from me over the next couple of days - I am feeling creative!

Speak soon xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Mr Marvin Marverari Wainwright

Here is a new picture of my most beloved babe Mr Marvin marverari Wainwright!
Don't you find it strange and silly that we call our pets the most stupid names?? I mean we have a female cat called Stanley, a boxer bitch called Betty Boubalay Swaggles and then there is Mr Marvin! As pet owners we find no shame in calling them the most ridiculous of names. I think it was Emma Ralph who once had me in stitches when she told me of her cat's names and how the names were changed and added to - and I don't think she would mind me telling you that she even has names for inanimate objects such as her PC!
I will be back showing some jewellery tomorrow I think - once I get to grips with my photos!
catch ya later!
love bev xxxx

Friday, 13 July 2007

Ive Been Tagged!!

Thanks Kara!!
Seems that while I have been busy at the Great Yorkshire Show - a certain little monkey called Kara Spencer has blooming well tagged me! What this means you may ask is that I have to give you the reader 8 different facts about myself and then tag 8 other unsuspecting bloggers!
Well here goes think what you will but this is 8 things you probably dont know about me!!
  1. I am the worlds biggest chocoholic! I really really really LOVE Cadbury's Fruit and Nut!! Yum Yum!
  2. I also am a massive collector of bags - it also dont really matter what shape, colour or make it is to be honest - but obviously if you know anything about me then you will know the stranger the bag the better!
  3. I became a widow at the grand old age of 28! I do like to refer to myself as the merry widow actually and dont worry if you mention death as I am quite resigned to the fact of what will be will be.
  4. I absolutely love 24 and fancy the pants off Jack Bauer - he is sooo georgous and such a magnificent, indestructable super hero (a little sarcasm there)! I also believe that I will be the next Mrs Tom Cruise and have loved him from afar since I was about 15 - LOL!
  5. I creid when I visited the Notre Dam Cathederal in Paris - the architecture, the atmosphere just blew me away - I have to date been to visit the cathederal 4 times.
  6. My sons are the best thing since sliced bread - even though I do nag at them quite often, I dont believe that a day hasnt gone by when I have not told them that I love them so very very much.
  7. I am a cleaning fanatic! My mum brought me up to make sure everything was always spotless and I really have gotten stuck with this idea - I cannot stand anything in my house to be dirty and have been known to be up cleaning or decorating at 4 in the morning!
  8. I am a qualified nail technician, have ceritficates in manicures and pedicures and nail art - I have also got a B'tec national diploma in social care.

Well thats about it I think and blooming eck I sound like a right old nutter dont I?? I could have gone on for ages to be honest and listed at least 10 more silly facts - I will maybe save these for another time.

Catch ya later

love bev xxxxx

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Photographer I am definately NOT!

What is it about taking photos that really peeves me?? Is it the fact that I cannot sort out my photoshop properly? Is it the fact that i cant take a blooming photo to save my life? Is it my Sony Cybershot camera? Or could it be that I am infact BLONDE!!!

I am really trying to sort out my photos for my website, as I really want them to show my lovely jewellery off and as it is at the moment, the perfect handmade beads, swarovski crystal and fantastic karen hill tribe silver just cannot be show at its best! If anyone out there has some tips to share then please feel free to shove them my way!

The photo at the top has been untouched just to show you exactly what I mean. The fab bead is from Emma Ralph and really is quite out of the ordinary but this just doesnt show in my pic.

Right off to get ready to go out now - me and my Dom are off out for something to eat tonight - just the two of us which is a rare event I can tell you!

Catch Ya Later


Sunday, 1 July 2007

What a Brill Sunday!

Today started just like any other Sunday - very early wake up from Betty Boubalay Swaggles wanting pee pee, cuppa tea, washing, dog walking and cleaning! By 2pm i am absolutely shattered.

I decided to make some bits and pieces of jewellery for The Great Yorkshire Show which is to be held on 10th July till 12th July at the Showground in Harrogate. I made this little stunner and am very pleased with how it turned out.

I have called it The Twisty as it features some brill sterling silver tubes which are twisted - fab idea i thought!!

Anyway, I was browsing my email this afternoon after my jewellery making spout, when to my surprise I have a couple of emails firstly from the very talented and equally nice lady - Jennifer Dangerfield to tell me that I have WON second prize in her "pants to ovarian cancer" postcard competition!

The idea behind this is a really sad one as Jennifers own mum was sadly taken by this terrible disease so to help in the treatment and finding a cure for this terrible illness Jennifer decided to donate £1 for each and every postcard sent to her. I believe she had 110 sent to her so this is ace that she was able to donate the money for a bloody brilliant cause! Anyway there were three prizes up for grabs - a handmade charm bracelet, a choice of pendant necklace and a choice of earrings. i have chosen a red dotty pendant necklace and will post a pic of this on here for you all to see once it arrives - Im thrilled to bits as you can imagine!

The next email was from The Indie Quarter - an online blog that specialises in writing articles about designers etc and they have chosen to feature me in one of their articles!! WOW WEE am I a lucky girl today or what?? Here is the article!

I have had such a different and fantastic Sunday because of these two things - I just wish I could have played the lottery today cos you never know do you - good things come in threes they say!

Have a brill rest of the day

Love Bev xxxx

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Bonny Bonny Scotland

Well my week went well in Bonny Scotland. The journey up and down was long and tiring but we had a right laugh! On the way up me and my friend who is also called Bev had our breakfast at the little chef in Scotch Corner and it was disgusting!! God how can they justify charging £18 for a plate of grease!! We did laugh though when we were at the till and the amount just kept going up and up!

We then called at my lovely Mother in laws - Glynn who lives in a beautiful little place called Seahouses in Northumberland. This is a fab place for a little holiday and the scenery is to die for. It then took us another good hour to get to the showground and I was blown away at how large the ground is. I have been to our version - the Great Yorkshire Show - a couple of time but this was about three times as big! We were in the Rural craft Marquee and had a brill corner spot.

The four days of selling went really well despite the weather being absolutely terrential at points over the weekend ( I did buy myself a lovely pair of pink wellies though).

The hotel and their staff especially Edna, Leisa and Raymond were ace, we felt like we were on a little holiday!

All in all the week went really well but I was glad to get home to the kids and my babies! Now back to the jewellery making and creating for me as I have a very busy couple of months - lets hope this god awful weather keeps off Yorkshire!!
Catch ya later

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Show Season

Well its that time of year again!!
The show season is about to kick off with a rather large bang up in Edinburgh. The Royal Highland show starts this Thursday (21st) and is running for four consecutive days ending on Sunday 24th. I will be there on Avenue 12 in the Rural Craft Marquee although I am exhibiting with "Made In Yorkshire"
and not the Rural Craft Association.
I have just about got everything ready now and will try to stop panicing - have I got enough stock? will I sell anything? I tell you, I have been a blasted nervous wreck for the past week or so.
Mum is coming tonight to help me pack away my jewellery so that should be ok as she is very very organised!! She will also be staying a few days with the kids and the babies - Marvin and Betty!
So wish me luck and with that I will say arrivederci !!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Site Sales

Yesterday I did a site sale at Dewsbury district Hospital in their canteen/coffee shop and it was absolutley diabolical!! Not only was the interest in my jewellery poor but people who did look saw the prices and turned their cheeks!! OMG I couldnt believe it - do they not know quality handmade jewellery when they see it??, is the market so saturated with Claires accessories and accessorize cheap and nasties that it has made my jewellery bloody redundant??

I feel that in todays "fair trade, handcrafted, organic" times that one should take a step back and consider where and by whom their jewellery was made. I can vouch that most cheap and nasty beads and jewellery that you see on the high street comes from little chinese and indian sweatshops where the makers are but 10 years old and paid an absolute pittance for their toils.

I for one would love to end this and point out to the general consumer public just what they are paying for when they buy this cheap poop!

Bloody hell fire I feel better now that I have had my rant!! The day yesterday was so poor that I packed up early and left, I had been harrassed by a group of Asian men when I would not give them my newspaper, had to sit in a filthy canteen (yes the NHS has alot to answer for) and drag my sorry ass up and down the lifts and corridoors from the mucky canteen to the car park (which I had to pay a day pass for) and all I did was waste a day!

Anyway let it be a lesson learnt I think - no more hospitals for me!! I will stick to the First Direct call center and the other banks that I visit as they are really successful.

Right a little pic of my babies for you to end the week I think here are Marvin and Betty Wainwright

Arnt they just lovely!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Tesco's or Bust!!

I fell in tesco's yesterday! I was minding my own business as usual, filled my basket up with my few little goodies, popped it on the conveyer stand (you know the one for the baskets at the end of the conveyer belt) and it tipped up sending my dog food, mars bars and coleslaw flying down the bloody isle!!

I managed to pick it all up but then noticed a tin of winalot rolling down the isle - I ran after it (commando style) and as I got to it fell flat on my arse! Talk about mortification, I got myself up as quickly as i could and turned around to see the other shoppers laughing their heads off at me.
Well I couldnt get out of there fast enough i can tell you.

Anyway less of my daily fiasco's, here are some photos of my Jamie in his Karate world championships last Saturday In Birmingham.

Here he is in his fight with another boy of the same sort of age and ranking. Jamie is the one to your left.
Unfortuantely Jamie lost the fight and was really down about it as he always has won his fights and sometimes gets Gold medals!! I was so proud of him regardless if he won or not , just to have qualified for this event was brill and he has only been learing karate for little over a year!
Right I have loads to do today and loads of jewellery to photograph, label and put on the website, as well as the ever elusive prize draw, so I will have to get my backside into gear and get cracking!
Have a brill Wednesday!
Love Bev xxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Dont you just love this bead? it was created by Beverley Hicklin , her art glass beads are so lovely and this one in particular is like a little art scene dont you think!!

Well I have been really busy over the past week getting ready for my busy season what with shows and parties I really dont know whether to shit, shave or shampoo (pardon the pun)!

I have some really nice new jewellery and not too expensive either!

The family is ok, Ben who split from his first serious girlfriend last week is now feeling ok and not too bothered, Jamie is ok after his loss at the Karate World championships in Birmingham and the devil dogs are well being very naughty as usual!!

Hope to catch up with you later and pop some photos on of The Karate do in Birmingham!

catch Ya later xx

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Doesnt she look adorable?? Well I can tell you that Betty Boubalay Swaggles Wainwright is a very very naughty girl!!

Yesterday must have been just one of those days - you know the kind you have when you get up and want to go back and get out of bed all over again. Well my day started off quite promising, I had a very nice sale on my website (thankyou Nina) and an order for a bridal necklace from Brides and Maids of Gomersal - thankyou to you too! Then it all went downhill from there. Firstly i decided yesterday was as good a day as any to wash my bedding - you know the kind of day when the wind is blowing steady but its lovely and warm too, I popped my cream bedding into the washer on a whites programme and went off into the garden. OMG Betty Boubalay Swaggles was eating my newly planted clemetis, I could have cried to be honest - i do love my plants - I chased her and chased her the little minx would not be caught. I then noticed that she had blooming eaten the other two newly planted clemetis. She looked at me as if butter wouldnt melt in her saggy little mouth! I was defeated by a boxer puppy - after clearing the bitten/chewed leafs I went back inside the house to see my lovely cream bedding turning a nice shade of pink! I couldnt believe it - as if my day couldnt get any worse I thought. I was wrong.

The postman (who I think highly of being an avid bead collector). I love him coming to the house cos this means pressies - you will understand this if you also love beads! decided to leave my post on the kitchen floor just inside the doorway and not to shout me! WHAT A MISTAKE! Marvin my 8 month old boxer dog decided it would be a right laugh to take my post into the garden and munch his way through the lot! My new 24 boxed set dvd is destroyed, a necklace that needs restringing is nearly destroyed and my letters are destroyed. It took my half hour to pick up the pieces of bubble wrap from the grass and Marvin did look very sorry for himself once I had given him a right telling off. Betty looked as though she couldnt give two hoots!

Hope today is better!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Do you know something?? I didnt always want to be a jewellery designer in fact like most impressionable little girls I wanted to be a ballet dancer or a nurse! I can remember dancing about as little girls do with my bestest friend in the world Michelle ( she wanted to ride horses) dreaming of what we wanted to be when we grew up!
The fact is i have two left feet, am a modest size 14 and cannot stand the sight of blood or any wound etc.

So here I am, a 38 year old mother of two teenage boys (ahh the joy!!) partner of Dominic ( my mucky trucker!!) cleaner fantastico, mentalist (explained later) and general dogsbody for my two kids and my boxer dogs Marvin and Betty Wainwright, pondering over what I want to do with the rest of my life. Yes I have held down jobs in offices and call centers ( BORING) but I wanted to do something for myself goddammit with no boss to tell me what to do, I do feel that I should tell you that I HATE being told what to do ( just so that you understand)!

Anyway, my mum (another yet slightly madder mentalist) bought me a lovely little jewellery kit for my birthday the other year and that just did it, because I could dive into my own little world and lose myself in my beads I became Bev the "jewellery designer".

I hope to fill you in on snippets of my sometimes hectic and hillarious life stories and also show you some of my latest designs using handmade lampwork beads from the most fabulous artists in the UK.So please do call back and join me in my musings.