Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Is spring on its way??


The mornings are getting a bit brighter don't you think?? Yesterday was a bit blustery but today feels lovely and fresh ~ even the dogs are behaving a bit better than usual!!

As you all know Ive been really in the zone for making new jewellery and yesterday was no exception. The necklace above was made using handcrafted lamp work by Dawn White - the beads remind me of coral reef.

I have a show coming up soon at Easter in York so am going to be real busy too - I have also been revamping my stall - and its taken some doing. I am going for a sophisticated black and cream look and promise to take photos when I have it set up at the show.


Here is another one from yesterday. The beads remind me of Scottish Heather so I have given it the old Scottish name for heather. Mixed with Karen Hill Tribe Silver and Swarovski Crystals and set on a twisted double thread of seed beads I think this one is one of my favourites so far this year!!



Monday, 25 February 2008

As Promised........

Here are some more pieces that I have made and am very excited about - first one is Coco Loco, the lampwork beads are by Dawn White and are just lovely - I have managed a set of earrings, necklace and a bracelet - what do you think??

I have also been hard at it on my new pendant range - and will get some pics together over the next couple of days although I swear to god I am no David Bailey and my camera is like an odessy to me!!
Right off to update my website

cheerio for now!
Love Bev x

Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Mojo has been found!

Hurray I say!!

My missing mojo seems to have returned home to me! I was so worried that I would not find it again and did actually fear my business would die a severe and traumatic death!! But yay I am happy to report that I have found my likkle ikkle mojo again!

I have been beavering away quite happily since yesterday in between doing Doms accounts and my other evening job. I think it may have come back due to a conversation regarding sts necklace bails with my very good mate Jo of Gemheaven, I truly believe that the little convo we had spurred me on to make some new things.

This one is called Kebekol which means "to go sailing together" quite apt really considering the fantastic aqua colours of the glass and crystal blended with the turquoise!

I will be back again tomorrow hopefully with some more pics so



Monday, 11 February 2008

Jobs Jobs and more Jobs

Isnt it always the same?? you get back from your relaxing no stress two weeks a year holidays to one of the most stressful times in your life!! I mean I got back last Sunday, started a new evening job on Monday, trained all week till 9 at night as well as doing a mammoth mountain of washing, drying and Ironing, cleaning, updating the website and trying to make some new jewellery. I feel absolutley jiggered if I am to be brutally honest! To top all this off is my pending wedding to my beloved Dom - I know its 11 months away but god dammit there are things to organise!!

I have been trying to make some nice little things though as the show season starts again at the easter weekend in March and I will be with Made In Yorkshire again on St Samsons Square in York. This is a really busy weekend and for those who can travel to Yorkshire I would really recommend that they try to visit York as it is really something else!

The neckalce above is going to be called Floribunda and the beads are from the fantastic Beverley Hicklin, I have teamed them with Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal and black agate!

The necklace below is called Coal as the beads are so black yet have sparkly little bits in just like a piece of coal. These beads are also handmade and from Bev Hicklins studio, I have added Sterling Silver and Crystals again along with karen Hill Tribe jump rings.

I am going to try to get some more stuff ready as well over the next few weeks - well thats if I have not passed out with blooming exhaustion!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Im Back!

I know its been a while and I apologise but I have been on my jollies to Cuba. We have had an absolutley fantastic holiday and to be honest I am depressed at having to come back down to earth!

Cuba is a very interesting place, in the hotel it was very geared towards the tourists and very "caribean", however as most people know, Cuba is a communist country so on the outside of the tourist district its a very different story. We went to Havana on a day trip which was great apart from all the propaganda about and all the beggars. It is steeped in history and we enjoyed a few Mojito's!! At night we went to the famous Tropicana show which was visited by the very famous or should I say infamous Al Capone!

Anyway now that we have had our holiday and the washing and ironing are done I have had chance to finally make some new bits and pieces a bit different to my usual stuff. I hope you like!!!

This one is a variation on my "slinki" range, handmade with silver rings and beads instead of the black rubber.

This one is my new pendant range handmade from Venetian glass tiles. I have added swarovski crystals and added as Sterling Silver necklace!

AND finally ........ a handmade bangle - no fastener needed!!

Back again soon with more goodies!!