Sunday, 16 September 2007

Flower Show and Retro Necklace

Had a brilliant weekend at the Harrogate Flower Show!! I sold loads of jewellery especially my cheaper range of foil glass - oh my do the women love those or what! Anyway, I have loads of new stuff to make and loads of planning to do now for the latter half of the season and as most of you will know its our busiest time of year! I swear I wont have time to S**t shave or shampoo!

Thanks to my friends too who have been emailing me asking about my little Betty and how she is doing with her season! Actually, it has not been so bad and definitely not as bad as my vet told me it was going to be. Marvin is a real big softy so if he has got a bit amorous with her I only have to say and he doesn't take it any further if you know what I mean!

Ben has just started his college course in Bradford and he is thrilled to bits with it - he is studying Music Tech. He is sooo interested in music and I am so proud that he has learnt himself how to play the guitar and even though I say it myself - he is really really good! Jamie is now back at school and yes I must say I am thrilled with that - so I may get some jobs done now!
Right I am off to scuttle off to make some jewellery it is not worth going anywhere today as in Yorkshire it is absolutely peeing it down!

Speak soon
Love Bev xxxx

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Its the Season!

This is my Betty Boubalay when we first got her in March. She was 8 weeks old then and as you my fellow bloggers will know - she is a right little minx! The reason I have posted this pic is because this morning my betty's first season started! I am mortified to say the least - yeh yeh I know she is only a dog but errrr dur - SHE is MY baby girl! I will have three weeks of hell in front of me now as Marvin tries any which way to get to the poor little princess.

The dogs were supposed to be going to doggies day care next Friday while I am Harrogate Flower show but unfortunately I don't think they will take her while she is "poorly". I am going to ring them on Monday just to see but in the mean time life goes on I suppose, its just that I am gonna be absolutely knackered trying to keep Marverari away from her - he has been sniffing around her today although I don't know if he knows what is going on!

I have made some new jewellery as well and uploaded it onto my website and here is a sneak preview of what is to come, it has been made with Caroline Hannons fab beads, swarovski crystal and amethyst rounds as well as the usual mix of Sterling!

Have a good weekend!

Love bev x

Monday, 3 September 2007

Four O Clock Start!

Talk about shattered! I have been up since 4'o'clock this morning thanks to my Betty the little minx! I just have not sat down until now of course but by god I've got loads done, I will probably collapse in a blooming heap this afternoon!

I have made a lovely necklace though and am really quite pleased with it even if I do say so myself!

I have used a fab handmade lamp work bead from the very talented Dora Schubert and added Sterling Silver , Swarovski Crystal and handmade glass rondelles. I am going to call it " The Swinging Trapeze" What do you think??

I am gonna pop it on my website this afternoon but I really am pleased with the way it has turned out!

Right better get off before I drop off to sleep

Have a good un!

Love Bev x

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Nightmare six weeks, new jewellery and September events!

I have finally managed to make some new jewellery for my website! Phew it seems to have taken me forever but then I blame the six weeks holiday don't you?? It just throws me completely out of sinc and I just turn into this walking disaster thing.

I just cannot for the life in me get anything done lately and seem to be walking around in a bloody day dream! I thought that I would grow out of this behaviour but WTF I am still bimbling along like some blonde dimwit from the planet DUMB!! First there is the cleaning and the dogs then there is Doms accounts and day to day running of his business ( why doesnt he just shove a brush up my arse and let me sweep up at the same time for gods sake)! Then there is my two teenage boys - and dont let me get started on them will you cos I could go on for days and days and any other mum of teenage boys will get my drift if you know what I mean!

Apart from all the daily chores etc etc I have actually managed to get some jewellery made which for me is a blooming miracle lately. I have uploaded some new stuff on my site and hopefully can make some more over the next couple of days.

I have quite a busy September - its my Jamie's 14th Birthday on the 10th and My Doms 33rd Birthday on 23rd not to mention my friends Vicky (15th) and Sharon (21st) so I have alot of pressies to make and buy dont I??

I also will be exhibiting my jewellery and hopefully selling loads at Harrogate Flower Show 14th-16th and Nidderdale Show on the 24th, if anyone can make it to these events please do come and say hello, you wont be able to get a word in but hey who cares!!

Right better get back to the grindstone as my mum says "there is no rest for the wicked"!!

TTFN Bev xxxxx