Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Invitation

Well its only 10 months now until the big day of mine and Doms and I thought I would let you have a peek at my first try at our wedding invitations. I decided to make my own as its so expensive to buy them! I have been quoted loads and loads and thought oh to hell with it I will make my own!

I have bought the card blanks from a wholesalers near where I live and it cost me £7 for 100!!!! I know I nearly keeled over when I saw they were this cheap - I previously had seen them on ebay for £10 for 50 so I have made a right little saving even if I say so myself!

I bought the silver hearts from crystal rose designs and wire wrapped the Swarovski crystal onto the heart and stuck it down onto the card. I am not sure about the wire to the side of the card so any suggestions would be much appreciated! All together the card has cost me about £1 to make and I only have another 60 hearts to wrap LOL!!! and of course the inserts to do which my sister Victoria has kindly offered to help me with!

Anyway here it is - drum roll please.............

What do you think??

I have also booked to go try wedding dresses on which I am soooo excited about - I can hardly tell you! I have seen a dress I love but its handmade and costs £1650.00!!! so will have to wait and see about that one! Anyone who knows me will know that I am a very comfortable size14 and am trying to lose some weight at the moment so I have been egged on by my friends to go have a colonic to help me rid some weight and obviously help me feel better and less sluggish so I have made my appointment for Wednesday 2nd April and promise to fill you in with the details ( well maybe not all the details ha ha )!!

In between all this excitement and working I have also been busy making jewellery - both for wholesale and for my website and shows one of which is coming up this Easter in York!

Here is one of my latest I have named it "Rainbow"

This unique piece features beads from the wonderful Caroline Hannon, Sterling Silver tubes and Karen Hill Tribe beads. The lamp work beads are beautiful and vibrant - I love it!!!

Right better get on with all the preparations for my show - or should I go sit on the sofa and have a cuddle with my Dom?? Ha ha I know which sounds more inviting don't you??

TTFN xxxxx


Laura said...

I think the invitation is lovely, Bev. How exciting it all must be! I went with my sister to choose her dress when she got married 18 months ago. So many lovely dresses! :o)

Jewellery Craft said...

Getting married, hey, thats FANTASTIC! Invitation looks perfect to me!

Brave, BRAVE lady, don't think I could do the Colonic thingy, not unless it guaranteed to shed at least two stone off my behind, LOL!


Crafted Gems said...

those invitations are lovely, we got out of all that by getting married abroad but the dress shopping is fab (and i'm a size 16 so i'm sure you'll look fab in anything)

and that necklace is stunning, love what you've done with the beads

Gemheaven said...

Its beautiful Bev - aren't you clever!!

The necklace is fantastic as always my luffley :)

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Invitations are gorgeous! Love the design. Bet you're so excited. I was at the British bridal exhibition last week in Harrogate its where all the Bridal suppliers go to show case there stuff (I work for a whole sale bridal accessory company). Let me tell you there are some gorgeous dresses out there! Good luck with picking just one!!! LOL Oh and with the collonic... I wouldn't dare!

Janine xx

Alison said...

Bev, love the invitation and I quite like the bit hanging down the side too! Stunning necklace, good luck with the event in York.
I'm sure you will find the dress of your dreams, you will instantly know - I remember how I felt when I saw mine and that was 21yrs ago now!!! Oh and good luck with the colonic, you're a braver woman than me!!

Nia said...

The invitation looks so professional Bev, well done! Love what you've done with Caroline's gorgeous beads too. Good luck with your event this weekend, hope it doesn't snow and you get heaps of customers. Pass on the colonic though!

ButterflyBeadwear said...

The invitations are great-I made my own too, when I got married-it adds a nice personal touch.
And the jewellery looking fab too-enjoy your day trying on wedding dresses-it's so much fun!

KARA said...

Oh Bev I have not been by for a while I think the wedding invites are great, thats what my mom does for a living and she hates hoe much people charge she has been charing friends £1.50 an invite and I was trying to prove to her that she can charge a little more.
Hope the colonic went well, god you are brave ouch !