Sunday, 11 May 2008

OUCH the weather!

Beautiful beads from Caroline Hannon mixed with Karen Hill Tribe Squares and rings, freshwater pearls and Sterling Silver chain.
Hey, what a week we have had with the weather being SO hot!! I am not complaining mind, just a little observation you understand!
I have been really busy as usual what with my cleaning business and making new jewellery pieces for my next show on 17Th May in Otley, West Yorkshire. Its a small agricultural show that I have been doing for a couple of years and has a really good turn out -so if your in the area why not come and visit - it is a great day out for all the family! Plug over now (LOL) I can let you know what else I have been up to.

I have decided to cancel my face book account - not because I have not enjoyed saying hello to my mates but rather because of all the annoying emails etc that you get when anyone has left a picture or message and also because I am spending far too much time nosing on other peoples lives and need to get on with my own!!
Its absolutely doing my head in so I have taken my bat and ball home and cancelled it all!

I don't know what it is about the sun that makes us want to get out and do some digging but that's exactly what I have been up to over the last couple of days or so, I have planted loads of new plants in my garden - second time in two years actually seen as though Marvin and Betty (the destroyer) ate all the last ones.
We now have a gate though to keep the dogs off the lawn and plants so at last I might have a bit of tranquillity.
Here is a pic of the dogs enjoying the sun (please note Betty's new knickers as she is on season - brill idea I think)!
I don't think we have ever laughed as much as when we first put these on her - ace arn't they??

Marv is flaked out!

I have also made some new jewellery goodies which will be going on my website for sale. On this necklace I am really chuffed with as the beads are tiny so have hummed and arrrrred over what to do with them.

Added to the beads are Karen Hill Tribe flower print beads and sterling silver beads and chain. I am going to call this one Angel Falls as the beads remind me of water.

Anyway nowt much else to tell but I promise I will get back to posting later in the week with some more pics.

Tarrah for now xxx


Kebo Jewellery said...

Beautiful necklaces (and doggies!!). Good luck with the show on the 17th.


BetteJo said...

Puppy panties? OMG I don't think I would have gotten those on her at all I would have been laughing so hard! Wonderful!

Thanks for the wonderful link - my cats and I thank you. See? I really AM a crazy cat lady! :)

Magriet said...

Your jewellery is beautiful! I would love to work with Karen Hill Tribe beads. Maybe one day when my business is properly up and running.

Your work is very inspiring.

Izzy said...

Gorgeous work, as always, but my favourite is the dog in the knickers!