Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Is spring on its way??


The mornings are getting a bit brighter don't you think?? Yesterday was a bit blustery but today feels lovely and fresh ~ even the dogs are behaving a bit better than usual!!

As you all know Ive been really in the zone for making new jewellery and yesterday was no exception. The necklace above was made using handcrafted lamp work by Dawn White - the beads remind me of coral reef.

I have a show coming up soon at Easter in York so am going to be real busy too - I have also been revamping my stall - and its taken some doing. I am going for a sophisticated black and cream look and promise to take photos when I have it set up at the show.


Here is another one from yesterday. The beads remind me of Scottish Heather so I have given it the old Scottish name for heather. Mixed with Karen Hill Tribe Silver and Swarovski Crystals and set on a twisted double thread of seed beads I think this one is one of my favourites so far this year!!




Crafted Gems said...

stunning, you seem to be on a lentil bead kick at the moment, lol

Gemheaven said...

Ohhh Bev they are fantastic

Claudia said...

Lovely necklace the last one, so beautiful...

Beverley Abbott said...

Thanks guys - you are sooo kind!!